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ADT Security Services, Inc.- Always There

ADT Company History

From delivering telegraphs by foot to becoming America's #1 Home Security Services, the American District Telegraph (ADT) Company founders could not have predicted that ADT Security Services, Inc. would become one of this country's most remarkable and deep-rooted business success stories.

Today, ADT Security Services, Inc. Security helps protect more than 6 million customers, including 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies, 72 of the nation's airports, and 80 percent of the country's top retailers. ADT Security Services, Inc. pioneered the development of security services in America, and its reputation as a leader in home and business protection remains solid.

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A brief history of the world's leader in security, ADT Security Services, Inc.

1874 - American District Telegraph (ADT) is formed when 57 district telegraph companies become affiliated. This alliance is a precursor to the current day ADT Security Services, Inc.

1880s - Messaging becomes ADT's primary function. Call Boxes (electronic signal devices) are invented which allow ADT Security Services, Inc. to evolve its messaging service into an interactive communication system between customers and ADT Security Services, Inc.

1890s – Advanced Call Box technology and multi-signal electric protection systems move ADT Security Services, Inc. to a position of prominence in security protection. The electric signal device is available in 50 towns and messenger services are spread to more than 500 locations.

1901 - ADT Security Services, Inc. is integrated as a subsidiary of Western Union. Signal and messenger services are separated. Since each of ADT's 57 district companies had developed independently with varying systems, equipment and operating practices, the company begins to remedy their problem by separating the messenger and signal business. The signal business grows into the modern day ADT Security Services, Inc.

1909 - Western Union and ADT Security Services, Inc. are acquired by AT&T and under the supervision of President Theodore N. Vali change the company's organizational structure. ADT Security Services, Inc. now concentrates exclusively on the signal business.

1910-1930 – Within this short time many technical advancements are achieved and contribute to the growth of ADT Security Services, Inc. The company then gains a reputable status in burglar, holdup and fire alarm systems. ADT Security Services, Inc. security becomes a leader in its field. War Years - As more and more young men are deployed to the arm services the depletion of domestic manpower boost the need for automatic signals to notify authorities of fires and break-ins. Due to ADT's integrated systems and services, the company logically create the first automated alarm system. ADT Security Services, Inc. pioneers the development of the Teletherm automatic fire detections system, the Telewave automatic intrusion system, and other advancements.

1969 - ADT Security Services, Inc. looks towards the international market and as a result becomes a publicly-owned company by listing its stock on the New York Stock Exchange.

1970s – Newer, faster technology sparked by the demand of the seventies cratered the development of ADT's first solid-state device and the installation of the first large, two-way multiplex proprietary system. Following these advancements was the ADT Security Services, Inc. automated Central Station - a precursor to today's integrated Customer Monitoring Center network.

1974 - ADT Security Services, Inc. celebrates is 100th anniversary. The old Call Boxes are gone and replaced with sophisticated micro-computer-based security systems are in place.

1980s - ADT Security Services, Inc. customers of the 1980s exprienced the debut of the Unimode fire system, the CentraScan computer-based security system, and the Safewatch residential system. ADT Security Services, Inc. also officially introduces central station monitoring, which becomes the backbone of its future success.

1984 - ADT Security Services, Inc. is purchased by the Hawley Group, Ltd. and renamed ADT Security Systems, Inc. The U.S. headquarters are relocated from New York, N.Y. to Parsippany, N.J.

Early 1990s - The nineties ushered further advanced with groundbreaking product lines like the wireless Safewatch system, the integrated Focus system, and a variety of access control and closed circuit television products.

Mid 1990s - ADT Security Services, Inc. hits a milestone when it welcomes its 1 millionth customer after brining in more than 180,000 new customers. In 1996, the company changes its name to ADT Security Services, Inc., and relocates to Boca Raton, Fla.

1998 - ADT Security Services, Inc. is acquired by Tyco International Ltd. The company's residential and commercial coverage now are now integrated into 230 major U.S. markets.

ADT Security Services, Inc. in the 21st Century – In the past as well as in the future, ADT Security Services, Inc. Security maintains its commitment to providing the most advanced security services and unrivaled customer service by providing excellent protection to homes, businesses, and the government.



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